Why is Maruti Alto 800 popular despite its traditional look?

  • Last Post 24 April 2019
Baahir posted this 22 April 2019

Why is Maruti Alto 800 popular despite its traditional look?

Akazs posted this 24 April 2019

In the Indian car market, if there is one car which is still popular despite being traditional, it is Maruti Suzuki Alto 800. The company has launched other models like Swift and Swift Dzire but the sales figures of this car is still appreciable.

Maruti has dealerships at almost the length and breadth of India. This translates into the fact that people from all nook and cranny are able to buy Alto 800. Plus, Maruti Suzuki being a company which has service centres across India, its parts are also easily available.

When you consider the price of this car, it is the least among Maruti cars and as such, it is easily affordable. Furthermore, it also offers a good resale value. This is one of the primary reasons why those who are fond of this car do not think twice before buying it. After all, who wouldn’t want to invest in a car which provides good returns even after several years?

The newer version of the car provides even more features than the older one. In fact, the former has addressed the shortcomings of the latter.

Due to these reasons, notwithstanding the traditional design, Maruti Suzuki Alto is still a popular car in India.