Problem starting car in the morning - cold start issue

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paul posted this 15 November 2015



I have problem starting my car Nissan Armada 2006 in the morning. The car cranks but wont start. I have to try 5-10 times. I went to the workshop and they tried to fix it but still the issue is there.

The computer checks says nothing about the issue. Please suggest me some solution or help me find a good workshop. i dont want to pay thousands to dealership.




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hamza posted this 15 November 2015

 It could be faulty sensors but computer test should tell this... Which leaves me to think that the issue could be related to fuel injector or fuel pump.

Please get it checked by some good mechanic.


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admin posted this 16 November 2015 - Last edited 19 November 2015

It could be an electrical or mechanical issue.

Most likely its electical. You should do a computer diagonstic test to find out the root cause. Go to any good workshop for computer test and dont spend money before computer test.



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paul posted this 19 November 2015 - Last edited 22 November 2015

I changed crankshaft sensor and camshaft sensors

Also changed battery. Sometimes the battery is not powerful. If the value of "cold cranking amps CCA" on your battery is less than the recommended power than it can also cause issue in cold weather.

It solved the issue.


Thank you very much guys.

Aabidah posted this 08 October 2016

i would sugegst you to get it checked by a registered service shop to resolve it once an dfor all to be safe and gain maximum benefits