Difference between gcc specs and usa specs

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hamza posted this 03 January 2016

I want to buy a used car and want to understand the difference between gulf/gcc and american specs. 


What is the difference between gcc specification and usa specification cars?

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webb posted this 12 January 2016

American car specs are suitable for cold weather. 

Car companies make considerable changes to the cooling of the engine, transmission and AC components with cars sold in the GCC. Even the engine tuning is altered in some cases to avoid extra heat generation.
These changes are not all related to GCC specs, but cars sold here are generally much better prepared to cope with the heat.




DO NOT buy a USA import car from a used car dealer here in uae. Most of them are flood or accident damaged cars which are imported to uae and fixed for cheap in sharjah, ajman and dubai.

You can check online if the car has been damaged by flood/accident using the below links.




If you want to buy a USA spec car, go online look for a clean car with clean history and do the import yourself.

AbeerAbdurrahman posted this 10 February 2016

Typically individuals opt for GCC specifications here even though USA specifications cars function fairly well. However, I have study that USA specifications vehicles have sometimes been in accidents in the USA, publicized off, fixed in Dubai or somewhere in the region and sold on the market as a car that has never been in an accident...  Personally, I would never suggest to buy a USA specifications car. Being in gulf you should buy only car with Gcc spec. Better option!!

Faaris posted this 08 October 2016

A good article for better understanding