Car Selling Tips in UAE

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tepu posted this 29 April 2015

How can i sell my car fast?


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paul posted this 29 April 2015

While making your car ready for sale keep in mind the mileage, condition ,features and model of your car. Make a market survey of the same model car and make a rough idea about the price of your car. You can also go to the professionals for a whole check-up of the car for a better idea about the price. Don’t try to overrate your car, but always make a room for the buyer to negotiate upon your set price.




Try to write all the features of your car while writing the ad and write the latest features first like the navigation, climate control, cruise control etc. features with the highest priority. Put the best pictures of your car in the ad.


First Impression


The first impression of the car is important as well. So your car should show some energy from the outer and from the inner interior. Also this reflects your care towards your vehicle and creates a good impression on buyer.


Test Drive


Test drive is very important when some buyer is interested in your car. Always prepare your car for a better test drive like checking the engine oil, water level and tires etc. Provide the previous history of your car check-up to the buyer. Make sure your buyer is a licensed driver before handing over your car for the test drive. And it is quite possible that after test drive or from the first impression of the car buyers will try to lower the price by pointing out the cons of your car. So always keep the final price in your mind but don’t firm to it if the buyer is nearly equal to that price.

 Closing the deal


Finally do the paperwork, get the payment or cheque ( cash is recommended) and close the deal.



Best of luck!

Baahir posted this 08 October 2016

i think we also need to check the engine conditions, along with tyre and interior....

Daaminh posted this 08 October 2016 - Last edited 08 October 2016

Thank you like in other country is it necessary to carry all documenrts of the owner while i am driving thheir car?