Car Safety in UAE

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admin posted this 28 April 2015 - Last edited 28 April 2015

Follow the below car safety tips to avoid accidents on UAE's fast driving roads.


Drive Carefully


Driving carefully is very important for you as well as for the rest of the passengers. When you are driving you are responsible for all passengers’ life. So it’s very important that you should drive carefully. Little safety advice will be really helpful in this regard.


Avoid Mobile Phone While driving


It is often noticed that chatting on a cell phone; loud music may lead to serious troubles, so it’s better to quit such activities while driving. Use hands free to answer your calls or use a Bluetooth device. 


Warning Lights


Keep an eye at front panel for any alert or warnings lights. Engine can be over heated or your handbreak is still not down and your are driving or your car door is open. So pay attention to warnings.


Seat Belt


Always fasten your seat belt as it can save you from serious injuries in case of accidents. For younger children fix a baby seat and buckle up the belt of the seat.


Use Handbreak/Parkingbreak


Always use hand break when you park your car somewhere also when there are younger children in the car. It is very important for their safety.


Child Lock/Window Lock


Use child lock/Window lock option if you are traveling with younger children. Many times it came to the observation that younger children get them locked in the car while the car is in the starting position and your car keys are in the car. 


Car mirrors


Keep an eye on the side mirrors and back view mirror.




Use indicators to change the lane. So that following cars can get notification about your possible move. Changing lane without the indicators can be very dangerous


Speed Limit


Don’t cross the specified speed limit. In case of an emergency also don’t lose your patience and follow the speed limit as it is always good to reach somewhere a few minutes late rather than never. Over speed can cause serious damages.


Traffic Rules


Follow the traffic rules and look for any signs by the road side like work in progress, Bend warning or children ahead.


Safe Distance


Always maintain a safer distance from other cars. So that In case of sudden breakage or in an emergency you can get some time to handle the situation accordingly. Many times it happened that if some car get accident that the following cars also lose their controls due to lesser difference and high speed. And the accident of two cars suddenly became the accident of many.  

Please feel free to share more care safety ideas

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tepu posted this 29 April 2015

very good post

Baahir posted this 08 October 2016

Thank you ofr the safety tips admin, apart for this for a new learner and driver do you suggest more tips to follow apart from the point mentioned above.