Buying a used car in UAE

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paul posted this 29 April 2015

I am new to UAE. just got licence and want to buy a used car. Need some tips in this regard



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tepu posted this 29 April 2015 - Last edited 29 April 2015

Before buying a used car always make sure that you are making the best deal in all ways. First you need to finalize your budget for the car and then go and short list few cars. Buying a used car with no troubles and in good condition requires some effort and good knowledge of parts of cars.




First thing of the car is its exterior that should be genuine and clean for any damages or repairs. Take a calm look around the car and look for any damages, repairs, paints, changed or damaged body parts like bumpers, lights side mirrors doors etc. Examine these details closely to find out anything that the car owner might hide. Make sure the car is not repainted. You can find out this with the help of your fingers. Run fingers along the top fender or in between the deep areas and down side of the edges of the doors. Factory paint seems to be smooth while a repaint will feel a bit coarse. If you will find the car has been repainted then it will be wise to go to a mechanic to find out any damages in the frame.




Check the interior of the car. Look for all the signs on the dashboard are in working condition, check seat belts, auto power option etc. Check for the indicators and all the options from the dashboard are in working condition or not. Check for the air conditioning, rear defroster, headlights, indicators etc.


Under the Hood


Examine the Engine and when the engine is cool then check all the fluids are at their right level. Check the engine it should be between add and full mark. Normal engine oil color is brown. If the oil level is too low then it indicates excessive oil consumption and low maintenance. There should be no leaks, engine might look very neat and clean at first look because most of sellers wash the car really well. So always look underneath for any leakages. While the car engine is turned off open the engine oil cap. If there is black oil mud inside the engine then it indicates that either the engine oil has not changed for a long time or there is problem in the engine it might be heated up. Each minor detail is very important in this regard and should not be neglected.


Check the Smoke


Start the car and check the smoke of the car. If the color of the smoke is black it indicates that engine consumes too much oil, if the colors blue it means there is some problem in the engine, a White smoke indicates there is some problem in the Head Gasket of the car. A car with good engine should not have any smoke but a white water steam and water condensate dripping is normal.




Check the tires and ask the seller when they were replaced last time. Closely look the tire, the wear should be equal across the width of the tread and even on the left and right side of the car. Over-Inflated tires may have more wear in the middle and under-inflated may have more wear on the sides. Outside shoulder near the side wall of the tires with heavy wear indicates an aggressive driving. Cupped tires those are worn unevenly indicate a steering problem, suspension or break problem.




During the test drive check out for the any noise from steering when you turn the car to left or right. At a normal pace steering should not shake.




Check the car suspension as it is very important thing that makes the make the tire firm on the road. So push down the wing at each side just once and let it go. Car should bounce back once or twice if it is bouncing and smooth then it indicates a problem in the shock absorber.


Test Drive


Test driving is very important in this regard, try to drive as far as you can because it will increase the chances that you will find out the problems that it might have. So notice the sounds from the engine. Engine shouldn't make too much noise. Try to run the car at different speed to find out possible problems. Notice the shake, vibration, missing during acceleration or any kind of noises.




Look for the tools and extra tire with the car. Usually you can locate them in the hatchback of the car. If you have noticed few problems in the car and you still want to buy the vehicle then try to highlight the week points of the vehicle to the seller and try to make a lesser bid then the accepted. Then you can finalize the deal always with the negotiation. Finally it is always safe to go to a professional mechanic for a complete check-up of the car and then make the deal. 


tepu posted this 29 April 2015



There are many automobile insurance companies out there but you should choose the insurance that provides good customer service and satisfaction. Connsult other insurance holders for opinions on claims made to different insurances. Most, if not all, insurance companies are much more helpful when they want your money than when you need your car repaired. Mostly, there are two types of automobile insurances


Car Insurance


There are two types of car insurance


-Third Party Insurance (mandatory)

-Comprehensive Insurance



Third Party Insurance

As its name implies, It's a type of insurance where only the third party is covered. So, in case of an accident your own automobile is not covered but the other party or third party is covered if the accident was due to your mistake. This type of insurance is not recommended if you are not a very experienced driver.


Comprehensive Insurance

It's a type of automobile insurance where you and other party both are covered in case of any damage. This type of insurance is recommended because it covers your vehicle and other party's vehicle If the accident was due to your mistake.

Faaris posted this 08 October 2016

To buy a used car is bit risky, but if you go with good deals they will always help you in trouble.

Stefan Nash posted this 13 December 2016

I think you should try to search for the Sun City Motors. They've got great services there like you'll be comfortable with the things they will provide you

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